Meet Raine, Hancinema correspondent to South Korea!

20 06 2015

by: Raine


About a week ago HanCinema, the blog that I write for, was invited to travel to South Korea to cover the Busan International Film Festival and the Asian Song Festival. You’re reading the words of the correspondent representing HanCinema!

*pauses to KYAAAAAAA*

Not only that, but I have a marvelous partner in crime, Orion from Orion’s Ramblings and the Community Coordinator for HanCinema. Thank you, KOFICE for inviting us.

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Healer: A Short Review

14 06 2015

by: Raine


I’m not exaggerating when I say, “I love Healer“. I watched it two times in a row, got Lil’ Raine addicted, and now I’m writing about it. I might have to watch it again – for research reasons, of course. This show has the “it” factor, a special something that can’t quite be explained. I can, of course, attempt to do so and I will, but it won’t be easy. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m Alive!

31 05 2015

Hello world! I greet you after seven months of radio silence and with my intention to return blogging. For my absence I ask your forgiveness and your understanding. I will tell you my long, sad story of why I neglected dramaland and the Dichotomy, and my plan for my return. In October I struggled with things outside dramaland and the Dichotomy, and decided to prioritize. When priorities are arranged, internet life ranks low and the drama devotee is forced to reckon with RL, otherwise known as “real life.” Read the rest of this entry »

Hancinema Reviews: Blade Man, Doctor Stranger, Fated to Love You, Empress Ki, God’s Gift, Secret Door, Sly and Single Again, Temptation, You’re Surrounded

7 10 2014

by: Raine

I haven’t given you guys updates on my Hancinema work in a while. I’ve been a busy bee! If you want to see the rest of my Hancinema work, here’s a handy dandy list of links to my other recaps and reviews! All of my lists are in alphabetical order ’cause I’m OCD like that. Read the rest of this entry »

Dramaland: A Week in Review #1

25 08 2014

by: Raine

Hello everyone. How have your ventures into dramaland been this week? I am a bit behind on some of my shows, but I thought I’d give you an update with my thoughts on each show and you could give me yours. If I’m not caught up to where you are, please indicate that you are going to give a spoiler so I can skip over it until I’m caught up. I will, however, give spoilers up to the episodes I’ve seen. BE WARNED!!! Read the rest of this entry »

I’m alive…I think…

15 08 2014

by: Raine

The past few months have been harrowing and I think I’ve made it out the other side. With the hiatus under my belt, I’d like to get back to the Dichotomy and get blogging. Although I haven’t been into news much lately, I have heard a few tidbits here and there. I’ve managed to keep up with a few shows thanks to my work for Hancinema. I’m working on a few blog series for you all concerning K-drama and K-pop…w00t!

As for today, Brother Raine has come for a visit and he greets you from the comfort of the sofa!

What did you all think of this week’s K-drama? And what are you watching? On my docket:

  1. Temptation
  2. Fated to Love You
  3. Glorious Day
  4. Joseon Gunman.

Twitter has informed me that I need to get on a few more dramas…plus TAEMIN’S SOLO DEBUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahem, enough of this update. Onto important things…like…naps…

My International Dad

15 06 2014

by: Raine

Dear Daddy,

This is my written ode to how cool you are. Although I can’t spend this Father’s Day with you, I can imagine you be an extra cool international businessman! After working harder than most people, he’s finally realizing his dream and I’m proud of him! So hi dad! You having fun in Italy? Read the rest of this entry »


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