Bride of the Century: Episode 9 Recap

11 04 2014

by: Raine

Lee Hong-ki is so adorably and romantic. His cuteness made this episode worth it. That, and we’re finally getting somewhere with this story! We’re not just plotting evil deeds, but we’re actually getting them done…sort of.
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Heartless City: Episode 1 Recap

31 03 2014

by: Raine

Heartless City is one of my favorite dramas so I decided to recap it! It’s sleek, sexy and has some amazing characters. Sure, some of the procedural stuff is a bit shady, but what makes this drama gold is the people, actors and characters alike.
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Bride of the Century: Episode 8 Recap

27 03 2014

by: Raine


Angst is the name of the game in this episode. The truth of our OTP’s feeling are in the open, but it doesn’t assuage any hurts. There is a lot more to deal with, like a ghost who requires a sacrifice and four evil women willing to make it happen.
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Bride of the Century: Episode 7 Recap

25 03 2014

by: Raine

This was a pretty hefty episode. Kang-joo takes a step away from his parents’ authoritarian rule to protect who he loves. Doo-rim learns a few secrets about others, and discovers a few about herself. The ghost makes herself more apparent and also more of a mystery. The web of deceit and lies only grows larger and our OTP has to find their way out of it – and it’s ridiculously exciting.
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Bride of the Century: Episode 6 Recap

24 03 2014

by: Raine

Lee Hong-ki killed me dead in this episode. Seriously, the way he portrays Kang-joo’s douche-y brand of love seriously got to me. Maybe ’cause that douche-y brand of love ain’t quite so douche-y anymore. Plus, it’s sprinkled with kittens. I likes kittens.
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Heartless City: Character Introductions

23 03 2014

by: Raine

There are a lot of characters in Heartless City. So as I recap I’ll be adding details and photographs for everyone. Enjoy!

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Raine and Lil’ Raine React to Toheart’s “Delicious”

22 03 2014

by: Raine

Raine: So Lil’ Raine and I have endeavored to make our faces and voices known to you via vlogging! I’m pretty awful with filming and editing and I’m hoping to get better. Constructive criticism is appreciated. Hating will be deleted. So there!

However, we did enjoy recording this and reacting to the video and OMG OUR BABIES!

Lil’ Raine: This wasn’t supposed to be published. Bitch.

Raine: Oops?

Lil’ Raine: Still a bitch.

Raine: You’re mean. Also, next time we should wear make-up. And film downstairs. With no horrid backlighting like in Bride of the Century.

Lil’ Raine: And use my HD webcam.

Raine: Agreed! Enjoy folks. We’ll introduce the kitties to you next time.

Lil’ Raine: Gotta be quick with Timmy.

Raine: He’s camera shy…


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